The company

Vinköls Mekaniska Verkstad AB was founded in 1978 by Lennart Svensson and has during 30 years been busy doing subcontract work with up to 20 employees. We were for many years a supplier of refrigerator handles to Electrolux.

From the beginning of this century we produce letterboxes and handles, very successfully! Our customers of these products come from the whole of Europe as well as from Canada.

From the autumn 2008 the subcontract work is going on with a new administration in our premises. (Vinköls Mekaniska  AB) At the same time we moved right across the street to new modern premises and have changed our name to Vinköl Production AB.

We have our assortment of thermal and sound insulating letterbox slot and push-pull handle but we are always open to suggestions for new products. We see it as a challenge to find a solution for the customer.

Welcome to contact us for more information or make a visit to us in Vinköl.

Lennart Svensson, Managing Director